Craftsmanship Guarantee

Craftsmanship Guarantee and Repair Policy
Craftsmanship is guaranteed for one year with normal use and careful storage. Sometimes, under normal wear, pins can crack, wires can break, earring loops can open, etc. If these things happen, please contact me. I will do my best to restore your treasured piece of jewelry! Buyer is responsible only for the cost of shipping the item back. I pay return shipping.

If you will trust my quality craftsmanship, I will place my trust in you not to rock climb, weight lift, move furniture, skydive, shower, swim, sleep or let babies tug on your necklace, etc., while wearing your jewelry pieces! (It is okay to sleep in the sleeper earrings.)

Please note, I do not guarantee to repair damage due to accidents on your part or rough wear, but If you ever need an item repaired for those reasons, just contact me and I will quote you the repair cost. Descriptions with photos are very helpful in giving an accurate quote.

Please note that the blackened or oxidized finish on pieces will fade with use. Oxidation is not a hard finish like paint or metal. To keep the finish longer do not wash your jewelry with soap or clean it with an anti-tarnishing cloth, or you will remove the finish. I will gladly blacken the piece again for you if you like, and it is an easy non-toxic process you can do yourself with items in your kitchen.