Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion, Created with Love

I handcraft ethical eco-fashion jewelry. I don't make costume jewelry, or high end luxury with cut diamond, or seasonal trendy jewelry. I don't use harmful practices that pollute the Earth or are unethical. Nor do I make cheap jewelry that is poorly crafted or meant to be worn only a couple of times, and discarded when it falls out of trend.

What I make is handcrafted jewelry made to love for a lifetime of use that won't make you sick or break out in a rash. I believe in slow production, taking the time to make a higher quality product. I design styles that enhance the raw natural materials I work with. 

All production work is done by me in my small one room studio here in Brooklyn, NY. I keep my operation small and simple, doing my best to create durable work that will last a lifetime and in many cases beyond. I love my customers and treat them the way I want to be treated.

When you purchase jewelry designed and handcrafted by me you can rest assured that no cheap labor, such as child labor, slavery, or immigrant labor, was used to cut costs.

I use recycled precious metals, refined here in the US, and raw gemstones, some cut gemstones, beautiful lower grade rough diamonds, or synthetic diamonds. I don't use cut earth mined diamonds in my work. And definitely not the very tiny pave diamonds, that requier tiny hands to cut. The reason, more than 90 percent of the world's unpolished diamonds are now processed and polished in the city of Surat, Indian. This facility forces children from poor families to do the cutting work until they go blind by about age 35 and inhaling microscopic diamond grains often leads to tuberculosis and respiratory diseases. I refuse to take part in this practice.